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Starting March 7th 2022, Nucleo V2022 is released and will be the supported version.

Nucleo V2022 Release Notes
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Nucleo Training 101

Nucleo V2022 Quick Start video.

Getting Started Videos
Getting Started Guide
What to Know
Network Licensing
Download Ancillary Files
Getting Started Videos

This quick-intro video is 31 minutes long. A copy of the box model file can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

The video below is a recording of an actual training session, it is just over 1 and 1/2 hours long. This is a typical initial training session.

Getting Started Guide

The Getting Started Guide is below - if you have firewall issues, please download a copy of the PDF from the "Support->Downloads" page.  Click the tile to open it in your browser, or the button to download it.

What to Know

Cutting your first fixture involves considering several variables and factors to achieve success. We’ve outlined the process in the PDF below - it serves as a good foundation towards making the learning curve as short as possible.  Click the tile below to open it in your browser or click the button to download it.

Network Licensing

A brief video outlining the installation of a Network License is shown below.

Download Ancillary Files

Additional Downloads are available upon request for our existing clients. 

The download site requires a password for access.

Please email our Support Team for instructions.

Open Downloads Page
Go to the Customer Portal

"How To" Videos

Clamp Preparation #1

If you want to learn how to prepare Clamp models for use inside Nucleo, please watch the two short videos (detailing a few different methods).

Clamp Preparation #2

Clamp models for use inside Nucleo, video two (detailing a few different methods).

Using Clamps

A short video explaining how to use Clamp models inside Nucleo.

Custom Boundaries

Here's a video on how to use the advanced function for creating custom boundaries.

Custom Boundaries using Sweep

How to create swept boundaries.

Direct Editing the Base-plate

This video shows a quick example of direct editing.

Splitting Base-plates and Blades

This video shows an example on how to split a base plate or blade after creation.

Adding you own Logo

If you would like to add your own logo to the base-plate, the video below outlines the method.

Removing Gripper Points

Here's a video on how to remove gripper points in certain blade edge detail places

Extruding a Pin

Adding a pin (orthogonally) - not a perfect example - but the process is outlined here.

Using a previous fixture for a similar part

How to resue a fixture for a similar part or part.

Drawing a solid to Scallop a corner 

How to draw some simple solids to scallop out a corner.

Creating a boundary with a hole in it

This video outlines how to make a simple line/arc boundary but also cater for a hole in it, so the blades go through the boundary in certain areas only.

Using pre-existing lines

This video outlines how to use existing lines to set the position of the fixture blades, along with how to translate and copy lines at a given pitch.

Debugging Base Plate Issues

Should the base-plate fail to create correctly, refer to the video attached for options to remedy/debug the matter.


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