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Camtek's PEPS / OPTICAM Classic Wire EDM software has been the industry leader for Wire EDM cutting since the early 90's. Continually developed by a team of WEDM experts, it boasts the most complete tools to give the ultimate solution for all simple and complex wire-cutting needs.
wire edm programming software


The PEPS / OPTICAM Classic Wire EDM module has been developed in cooperation with leading machine manufacturers and is being continuously adjusted to the latest functions of the wire EDM machines. The advanced capabilities of the product make it the market leader in this field, and it is recommended by many machine manufacturers.

  • Projection Wizard for the automatic creation of Z-constant geometries
  • Simulation including offsetting, demoldability and collision checking
  • Automatic threading, cutting off and positioning of the wire
  • Automatic calculation of the start position including start hole output
  • Constant and variable taper
  • Ruled surface machining
  • Undercut control
  • Inclined machining
  • Tapered and cylindrical pocketing
  • Automatic cutting off of slugs
  • Triangular and multiple tags
  • Section offsetting
  • Variable Reference Plane Height
  • Technology databases for all common machine types
  • Lead On and Lead Off technology
  • Operation strategies can be completely saved
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Technology Databases - 
Original Manufacturer Data

PEPS / OPTICAM Classic offers original technology databases for all common manufacturers. The user can either access the machine databases directly via interfaces, import the machine databases directly or is provided with a database which has already been converted.

AC CUT 20/30/200/300/400/E350/E600
AC Orange/AC Fanuc

Wire EDM Programming Software Highlights | Optimization in all fields of application.

wire edm cad cam software
Slug Retention
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The Slug Retention automatically creates markings in cutting plates; during the punching process, these markings prevent the punched-out part from sticking to the punch and thus from damaging the cutting tool. This extends the service life of cutting tools significantly.

Collar Machining
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The projection under an angle enables the machining of variable reference heights. Thus, a circumferential cylindrical collar of constant height can be created in the workpiece. The tapered section is calculated by OPTICAM Classic and does not already have to be included in the construction of the 3D model.

Controlling Additional Axes of Rotation
wire edm programming software

PEPS / OPTICAM Classic offers the functionality to control additional axes of rotation and thus multi-axial machining during wire EDM. Thus it is possible to machine complex workpieces without any restrictions.

  • Unlimited Taper Angle
  • Maximum Accuracy
  • Maximum
  • Surface Quality
  • Machining In
  • One Clamping Operation
Ruled Surface Pocketing
wire edm cad cam

Ruled Surface Pocketing enables the machining of ruled surfaces without any slugs. This reduces the programming effort significantly, and the machining operation can be executed without having to be monitored.

Partial Pocketing
wire edm cad cam software

Partial Pocketing is used to combine normal roughing and pocketing. It prevents the creation of slugs during roughing and thus enables an unattended and undisturbed operation.

Radius Manipulation
wire edm cad cam software

To improve the accuracy of fit between punches and dies, this macro modifies ("manipulates") the radii contained in a geometry.

Partial Figure Machining
wire edm programming software

The Part Figure Machining is used to machine geometry sections with different qualities.

Turning Tool Module
wire edm programming software

The Turning Tool Module calculates the geometry necessary for the wire EDM of profile turning tools, depending on the cutting angle and the frontal and lateral clearance angle on the turning tool.

True Contour Machining
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The True Contour Machining is used for the production of industrial diamonds (PCD). An optional possibility is the automatic nesting of geometries. The machining is executed on the given geometry without radius compensation.

Gear Module
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The gear module is used to calculate involute gears. The involute can be manipulated very easily by entering a profile shift, the roller distance, testing mass across teeth, tip and root diameter as well as tip and root radii. Additionally, the gear module provides all the data and dimensions for machining and inspecting the gear.

wire edm cad cam software

Product Datasheet

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 Wire EDM Programming FAQ

What is EDM wire used for?

Wire EDM is most commonly used in mold and die manufacturing processes, particularly for extrusion dies and blanking punches. EDM can be used in everything from prototypes to full production runs, and is most often used to manufacture metal components and tools.

How fast does wire EDM cut?

When using standard 0.010" diameter brass wire you can expect a consistent, reliable wire EDM cutting speed of approximately eighteen to twenty inch/hour.

How accurate is Wire EDM?

While accuracies of +/- 0.00004” (0.001mm) are sometimes quoted for wire EDM, +/- 0.0002” (0.005mm) is more widely accepted. The reality is that EDM accuracy depends on a combination of workpiece characteristics, the surface finish desired, and the time available for machining.

What materials can wire EDM cut?

Virtually any conductive material can be cut using Wire EDM. This would include all metals, including steel, aluminum, brass, titanium, polycrystalline diamond and alloys and superalloys of all types.

Can you wire EDM copper?

Any conductive material can be wire EDM machined, including aluminum, brass, carbide, copper, hastalloy, inconel, steel, stellite, and titanium.

How does EDM wire cutting work?

Wire EDM machining works by creating an electrical discharge between the wire or the electrode and the work piece.It is in fact “contactless” machining - the wire does not touch the surface. Due to the inherent properties of the process, Wire EDM can easily machine complex parts and precision components out of hard conductive materials.

What is EDM surface finish?

An EDM surface finish is different to one produced by conventional material removal processes. Rather than exhibiting directionality, the texture is random, which is beneficial in many applications. Furthermore, by taking multiple skimming passes, EDM finish quality can become almost mirror-like.

What are the two types of EDM machines?
  • Conventional EDM Machines. Conventional EDM also goes by several other names, such as sinker EDM, die sinking, cavity-type EDM, volume EDM and ram EDM.
  • Wire EDM Machines. Wire EDM, also known as spark EDM, wire burning and wire erosion, uses a thin heated wire as an electrode.