Solutions that work

Nucleo(TM)  Fixture

                Our solution  for Rapid Weld Fixture Design
                and Part Crating.

"This software has changed the game for our fixtures in accuracy and development time. 
Installing them is a breeze and I would highly recommend. 
For example, I finished 32 fixtures in 2 weeks. Before, it would’ve taken 2 weeks for a smaller fixture. 
I’ve also made line fixtures for work holding while installing other components. 
They also have a jigsaw feature that breaks up the base plate on larger items that dovetail together."

- Jordan Miller, American Landmaster

OPTICAM Classic - Wire EDM CAM

OPTICAM Classic 

                Our popular Wire EDM CAD/CAM system, 

                tens of thousands  of copies provisioned.                                                                                                                                              


                Our fully integrated  CAM system for mainstream CAD systems

OPTICAM for Siemens NXTM

                Our fully integrated  CAM system for mainstream CAD systems


                We can design  fixtures for you. 

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