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The application will not launch unless a valid license is provided by us (permanent or temporary).  Please contact us for more information - or chat with us using the icon top right if we are online.

Download  Nucleo V2022+ Binaries
​(current version)

NOTE:  SolidCut CAD Core is a prerequisite to install Nucleo. 

Navigate to Incremental Nucleo Versions

The current SolidCut CAD installation is listed below. Installation steps:
1) Unzip the ZIP file below to a temporary folder.
2) Run the CodeMeterRuntime.exe 

3) Run the main setup_2022.exe (extracted from the ZIP file). 

4) If nucleosetup.exe is in the same folder as the main setup executable for SolidCut CAD, it will be installed at the end. If not, run it separately.

​Nucleo V2022 uses SolidCut CAD as its platform. Incremental builds for Nucleo are listed below. To install, download the appropriate build and run its nucleosetup.exe (you must already have SolidCut CAD installed).

Download  Nucleo V8.2 Binaries 
(legacy version)

NOTE: This is the last version of OPTICAM V8.2 Classic with Nucleo V2021 Q3 Build 147 patch also listed. 

The final version of OPTICAM Classic V8.2 is listed below. Installation steps:
1) Unzip the Nucleo V8.2 Core  ZIP file below to a temporary folder.

2) Unzip the Patch (Final)  ZIP to another temporary location.

3) Run the main setup_82.exe  (extracted from the ZIP file). 

4) Contact Technical Support for assistance on installing the patch.