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Wire turn tiltPeople look to OPTISOLUTIONS when they purchase new machines or their current software can’t efficiently handle the cuts they’re making today. In addition to excelling at Wire EDM Programming, we serve all sectors of CAM machining as the North American distributor for the Camtek OPTICAM CAD/CAM Product lines. We are also the US reseller for the Roboris Eureka Simulation Suite.

And, if you were looking for PEPS*, it is well worth reading about Our History to understand why we feel you've actually landed in the right place!

In addition to our industry-leading CAD/CAM software, customers tell us they select us because:

  • As seasoned tool and die makers we understand time is money when a machine goes down.  You need to talk to somebody who understands the issue and can solve it; not send an email and hope.  Call us, our support number is at the top right of every page. 

  • We understand you’re going to have questions and new cut challenges and problems.  Call us, we're part of an international team with support and development folks based in the USA, Germany and the UK.

Thank you for visiting the OPTISOLUTIONS web site; should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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A Brief Introduction

OPTISOLUTIONS is the North American distributor for the Camtek OPTICAM CAD/CAM Product lines.

Some members of the team at OPTISOLUTIONS have worked in the CAD/CAM industry since before its debut on the PC platform (so, some time!).

OPTISOLUTIONS serves all sectors of CAM machining. We're part of an international team with support and development folks based in the USA, Germany and the UK.

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We do have our niche, however...

gallery thumbnailWe've always excelled at Wire EDM programming and consider ourselves Best-in-Class for this machining discipline. Backed up by seasoned professionals in Wire EDM on both sides of the Atlantic, we provide the very latest enhancements for Wire EDM as they are developed - both at a machine tool and evolutionary CAM software level.

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What else do we do?

In addition to Wire EDM CAM we provide CAM for Milling (2.5 - 5 axis), Turning (multi axis and 2 axis), 2D laser, 3-6 axis laser and tube cutting plus custom programming services. We have a library of custom "macros" for doing specific CAM functions that many CAM vendors shy away from providing.

We're not a CAM System Provider, we're a CAM System Developer and Integrator. If you need a custom process, we're the people to talk to.

We have to say, we're quite good at Tube Cutting CAM too - again - it sounds easy - but it is not - we like to service the hard-to-do, niche areas. For those interested in philosophy, take a look at ours here.